User Expectations

LCDRA Repeater Operation Rules  

LCDRA maintains and operates high-quality, wide-coverage repeaters for the use of all amateur radio operators. Operation and use of these repeaters shall comply fully with the Amateur Radio Service (Part 97) regulations of the Federal Communications Commission’s Private Radio Service, and the following rules.

1.  The repeaters are provided for the purposes of contacting and passing information between fellow amateur radio operators, and providing service to the public as a voluntary, noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.

 2.  In the spirit of the Amateur Radio Service, users shall respect and support each other in a courteous and positive manner.

 3.  Operators shall announce their call sign before transmitting any touch-tone commands, at the end of each communication, and every ten minutes or less during a communication.

 4.  There shall be absolutely no communications containing obscene, indecent, or profane words, language, or meaning. 

 5.  No one shall cause or condone the malicious or intentional interference of anyone´s communications on the repeaters. 

 6.  Operators shall not communicate with, or discuss the actions of, anyone who violates these rules.

 7.  Control Operators are required to turn off a repeater to terminate improper operation or use.  

8.  LCDRA Board of Directors reserves the right to forbid the use of the repeaters by anyone who repeatedly violates these rules, or anyone who facilitates or encourages others to violate these rules.